Rugby Challenge 2006


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Desarrollador: Swordfish Studios Limited Wikipedia MobyGames

A pesar de no ser un género mayoritario, el rugby también es un deporte que se ha trasladado al mundo de los videjouegos. Rugby Challenge 2006 es una apuesta por el realismo y la crudeza de éste deporte, todo ello llevado a nuestras plataformas de juego.¡Realiza un pase!


Rugby Challenge 2006 is a 2006 rugby union video game. There are a number of tournaments that can be played in the game, both club and international competition. In addition there is a career mode (which includes trade/recruitment/management etc.), full training mode, as well as player/team/tournament editor.

There are a number of 'Challenge Modes' as well; Survival mode, Classic mode and Superstar mode. Classic games/teams can also be unlocked. The in-game commentators are John Inverdale and Dewi Morris. The game has multiplayer up to 4 people.

Rugby Challenge 2006 is a single player game which contains both rugby simulation and managerial features. The game has multiple game modes:

Matches can be three, five, seven or fifteen minutes long, can be played during the day or night, have weather effects and use one of the three difficulty settings Fun, Normal or Intensive Care.

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