CT Special Forces: Fire For Effect



Nemesis Strike, also known as CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect is a third-person shooter video game by Asobo Studio for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. Players play as a counter-terrorism agency. The main objective is to dismantle the Nemesis network and get back stolen technology.

The game is played in a third person point of view, though interchangeable into a first person perspective but is more of a 'scope' view of the current weapon on hand. Guns with no scopes are given a close up view by the barrel top, while weapons with scopes are given the scoped view.

Like most shooter games, there is a life gauge on the top left corner, primarily a health bar indicating the amount of health available. In addition, there is another bar for energy of the suit worn. When playing as Raptor, his 'TAMSS' suit gives a spherical protection shield that blocks off any bullet or explosion, though it cannot block melee attacks from enemies. Any impact on the shield drains the energy bar while keeping the player safe. When playing as Owl, his 'Vampyr's Heart' suit enables his active camouflage and three specific visions, which any, when activated drains the energy bar while giving the player usage to the suit's functions; the bar however does not drain faster when multiple applications of the suit is in use. Players can recharge the energy bars from a special recharge battery booth marked as a blue dot on the minimap. There are also health kits throughout each missions' map, seen as a spinning health box.

The weapons in use depend on the current mission played. When playing as Raptor, heavy guns, explosives and automatic firearms are used in a frontal assault tactic. When playing as Owl, silenced guns, semi-automatic guns and scope rifles are used in stealth; though in the last few missions, Owl does not fully use stealth firearms. Ammunition packs are seen as spinning black coloured-trimmed boxes; small yellow packs for bullets, big orange packs for explosives, small cubic orange packs for grenades and flat blue packs for electromagnetic grenades.

When driving vehicles, both characters can drive any vehicle, ranging from boats to jeeps. The Hoverspeed is a massive vehicle only Raptor can drive which enables access to any terrain, also mounting a machine gun that can be controlled alone or when Owl is onboard. Driving a vehicle is relatively easy that only requires the basic movement controls.

A free-fall mode is available when players play as Owl in a drop mission. When in free-fall, the player can speed up and attain streamlined body which enables quicker reach to the required height while leaving Owl vulnerable to attacks, or looping in free-fall to dodge any shots fired by enemies. A drop mission has enemies who are also in the sky with Owl as they gun him down, which the player can engage in combat up in free-fall. In later levels, locked-on missiles are launched which can be destroyed if detected and destroyed quickly, extreme enemy parachutists jumping onto Owl to kill him in mid-air which can be tackled when in all directions quickly, and lastly multiple missiles launched at Owl where destroying and dodging is imminent to survive. In the last few levels Owl also destroys a bomb in mid-air where the player simply shoots at designated spots. A time limit is given, also with a huge amount of ammunition.

The game also has a score card on the performance of the player. The score determines the medal won and, if any, special bonuses unlocked. The game grades of bronze, silver and gold medals for every mission completed, and if done specifically well, wins the Emblem award, which unlocks special bonuses in the game such as game art or even cheat modes. Winning awards also come with extra bonuses that can be used in game, like additional health or energy depending on the award won.