Big Bumpin



Burger King vende en USA este juego en su campaña "Game with the King" a 3.99 $ La mayor particularidad es que se trata de un disco híbrido con versiones para Xbox y Xbox 360


Big Bumpin' looks like a traditional carnival bumper car ride and features familiar BURGER KING icons, including the Subservient Chicken and Brooke Burke. But, there's a catch – Big Bumpin' arenas come with some big hazards, like surprise saws, bottomless pits and "power up" items that let gamers dole out thundering bumps. With several different types of game play, gamers have a chance to hone their bumper car skills in a variety of challenging scenarios. The game features theme parks, including the "Ice Box," "Broiler," "King's Court," "The Deep" and "Monsoon of Doom," and three modes of play for each – intense four-player and XBOX Live-supported. Easy to learn. Fun to play. Difficult to avoid a major crash.