B. C.


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B.C. fue un desarrollo de Peter Molyneux y Lionhead Studios. Ambientado en la Prehistoria con ciertas licencias, como hacer convivir a trogloditas con velociraptores, iba a ser, de acuerdo con Peter, la más brutal, sangrienta y adictiva aventura prehistórica. Lamentablemente a finales de Octubre de 2004 se anunció su cancelación. el otro desarrollo en curso para Xbox logró sobrevivir, y hoy lo conocemos como Fable.


At the dawn of time the very survival of the human race hangs in the balance. Cowering in caves and running from predators, your species faces the ultimate threat - extinction at the hands of a vicious, rival race of ape-men. If humanity is to have a future, your tribe needs to evolve into a thinking, resourceful unit with a strong leader. That leader is you.

BC is an original 3rd person action/adventure game that hurtles you millions of years into prehistory, to the beginnings of mankind. Here you must lead the struggle for dominance among the first men. You will personally guide your evolving, learning and changing clan on an epic journey of survival.

Battle against ferocious, prehistoric creatures alone, or train select tribe members to join the fray. Explore and exploit the vast natural environments and discover new technology and knowledge… Remember, you are at war with other intelligent beings intent on wiping out the human race for good. Have you got the skills and instinct to evolve your tribe of from rabble into a clever, lethal, dominant team?

With over a hundred unique technologies at your disposal, an array of brutal weapons, and a fully simulated food chain, BC is an action-packed revolution in console action/adventure games.

Each of your tribe members is a unique individual, growing and changing in personality as they face dangers, experience triumphs and failures, and learn new skills. It all takes place in a massive world where every item can be picked up, researched, or used as a weapon; where every creature is not just an enemy but also an individual with it’s own character, prejudices, and goals.

BC is set in a violent, brutal time. Conflict and death is everywhere. Dangerously hot desert days turn to sub-zero nights populated by stalking raptors hungry for flesh. Every waterfall, snowy crevasse and darkened cave hides a new discovery critical to survival. Every berry, fruit or flower can be food to one creature and poison to another.

Can you lead mankind through an ancient war? Can you teach them to survive and to develop their skills and intelligence to destroy their cunning ape-descended rivals?

As history begins, can your tribe rule the Earth?

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