Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights



Raggy, Raphne, Selma, Red...¿Dónde estais? ¡La pandilla de Scooby ha sido raptada y su rescate depende de Scooby y de ti! Recorre doce gigantescos niveles basados en los dibujos clásicos de Scooby, con tus voces favoritas de Scooby-Doo ¡y con invitados especiales!


Oh no! The Mastermind has kidnapped Mystery Inc! It’s up to Scooby-Doo to search for his lost friends. Guide Scooby through 12 huge levels that include a creepy mansion, a spooky cave, a ghostly graveyard, and a perilous pier. Help Scooby search for clues, avoid Classic Scooby-Doo monsters, use wacky inventions, eat Scooby Snacks™, and gather groovy power-ups. Do you have what it takes to foil the Mastermind’s plan to rid the world of Mystery Inc?