Spartan: Total Warrior



Sumérgete en el épico ambiente de las luchas titánicas entre ejércitos de leyenda. Los combates brutales se unen a las épicas guerras en los campos de batalla del mundo antiguo mientras luchas por tu vida, tu libertad y tu honor.



In the epic style of "Gladiator" and "Braveheart" you, as a bloodthirsty Spartan warrior, lead the charge with no fear or remorse headlong into massive cinematic battles where your only options are victory or death. In this combat action game, you control "The Spartan". Thrust into dynamic cinematic battles you are just one combatant amongst legions of allies and enemies. Turn the tide of battle with a range of weapons and skills to defeat an overwhelming tide of foes. Grow from novice warrior to awe-inspiring Hero and eventually Mythical Legend.