Gungriffon: Allied Strike


Categoría(s): Acción

Gun Griffon toma lugar en un mundo hostil futurista donde los humanos luchan por sobrevivir, los jugadores toman el rol de un soldado renegado con la misión de eliminar a enemigos poderosos a través de un ambiente guerrillero, todo ello a "lomos" de un destructor mecha.


GunGriffon takes place in a hostile futuristic world where there is little hope for survival among the human race. The earth's resources have been exhausted and people are continuously splitting into groups to fight for what is left of it. The player takes on the role of a renegade soldier, enlisted in an anti-tank troop, whose prime mission is to take down armored tanks, the ultimate ground weapon used to destroy the earth and any living thing that gets in its way.