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Lánzate al mar y surca los mares como nunca lo habías hecho antes. Solo o acompañado, podrás mojarte con tus compañeros en el último titulo de carreras de motos acuáticas de la prestigiosa firma Argonaut. Si lo tuyo siempre ha sido deslizarte sobre el mar, éste es tu juego.

Corre, salta , haz piruetas,nada...esta vez vía xbox live!


In watercraft racer, Carve on Microsoft's Xbox you can skim across the waves like a cruise missile. Carve combines the liquid physics of its environment-mapped bump-mapping (EMBM) system with trick-heavy ramp action. The result is an adrenaline-soaked headlong sprint straight into your screen.

Compete on one of 27 globe-spanning tracks that take in locations as diverse as Thailand, Iceland, Amsterdam and the Grand Canyon. Earn your water wings and then attempt to master the ultimate challenge of the Steel Ocean. But first, you've got to decide who you're going to ride as. Max--rich boy gone bad--or perhaps the allure of ice maiden-cum-water-babe Amiko is more to your liking? Fuel-inject another six wetsuit wonders into the mix (Adrienne, Moke, Oz, Nikolai, Elena and Mizuki) and prepare for a multi-player massacre.

The game supports four-way split screen races, or eight player contests via Xbox Live. But, most impressively of all, it arrives with a team-based co-op mode that allows you to hinder other riders while giving your partner a chance to be first across the line.