The Thing


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Allí donde termina la película empieza el auténtico terror. En los páramos helados de la Antártida, un misterioso ser alienígena que puede cambiar de forma a voluntad ha arrasado una base científica de los EE.UU. Tú eres el comandante de una misión de rescate que el Ejército ha enviado para investigar las causas de semejante carnicería. Atrapado por los elementos y acosado por un espantoso enemigo, deberás evitar que la fuerza de tu comando se venga abajo: controla sus miedos, gánate su confianza y podrás sobrevivir a La Cosa en The Thing.


The Thing is a third person perspective, survival horror game that start off in the immediate aftermath of the film. This game benefits from a superb extended opening sequence, if you pause on the main game menu. You play the part of Blake and it's your job to uncover the source of the infection. The Thing is a really atmospheric survival horror game that has good graphics and quality cutscenes that help advance the storyline. Furthermore, you get to weald a large variety of death dealing armaments. Plaudits need to be extended to the makers of the game for their innovative trust/fear interface. The Thing requires you to gain the trust of your npc colleagues before they are prepared to assist you. This can be done by healing them or by offering them a weapon. If they don't trust you enough when you try to enlist their help they'll usually cut you down with an expletive or an armwaving gesture. Monitoring your Npc's fear level is also an essential element to this game. If it drops to low your allies can crack up; indicators of this include uncontrollable shaking and trouserbased urinal.The game controls are also smooth to use.

Some of the levels are quite tough so you'll need your wits about you to complete this adventure. From a negative aspect this game takes up a ridiculous amount of memory card space. Additionally, it can be a bit annoying to discover that not all of your npcs always follow you through to the next level. Other than that, the Thing is a survival horror game of substantial substance