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Crea y controla tus Sims con las nuevas modalidades de niveles y dos jugadores o el clásico final abierto de la versión original para PC.

Personaliza la apariencia y la personalidad de tus Sims y múdate a un barrio nuevo. Consigue un trabajo, haz amigos y avanza a lo largo de tu carrera profesional y los mejores momentos de tu vida. Conoce, seduce y riñe con los miembros de un vecindario lleno de personajes alucinantes. The Sims™ te ofrece todo un mundo de posibilidades.


The Sims is a real-time simulation game where you simulate the lives of one or more people in a family and their social activities in their immediate neighborhood.

Characters of the family may be custom created (including physical features) or simply chosen from pre-generated families. All the characters also have two age groups, children and adults. Each age group has different lifestyles, priorities and interests.

Game play in the Sims may be classified as the following:

[1] Life Simulation
This revolves around simulating their day-to-day lives. From eating, sleeping, entertainment, socializing and romance, you are in complete control of their actions if you choose to. Each Sim has a statistics that may be developed. Some of which identify certain desires the Sim in mention may require. Your role in simulating their lives is primarily to keep them happy by fulfilling their desires.

Controlling the Sims people is optional, as they follow their own Artificial Intelligence unless commanded otherwise by the player.

[2] The Architect
Designing and furnishing your home is an integral part of the game play. Pre-generated houses may be purchased at the beginning of the game, or you can design and build your future home from scratch. Furnishing consists of acquiring various items that may be manipulated by your Sims to fulfill their needs. Designing houses and furnishing costs money, which may be obtained through jobs.

[3] Character Development and Careers
Adult Sims may acquire jobs to pay for the many necessities of living a simulated life. There are several different job track available, from Entertainment, Law Enforcement, Politics and even a life of crime! Promotion in a job requires the Sim to advance in certain statistics (e.g. Charisma, Strength) which may be done so by manipulating the various items available for purchase.

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