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Desarrollado por Digital Extremes, Unreal Championship es un juego de acción en primera persona de próxima aparición que emplea la nueva tecnología Unreal de Epic Games y ha sido creado en exclusiva para el sistema de videojuegos Xbox™ de Microsoft. Unreal Championship combina una magnífica experiencia de jugador único con un componente multijugador sin igual.

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Unreal Championship is a first-person-shooter game, that has similarities to the PC game Unreal Tournament..

UC can be played as a single player campaign or a multiplayer game. In single player, you can fight solo against different and varying enemies, or you can lead a team in team-based games, like Capture the Flag and Bombing Run. In multiplayer mode, you can play with up to four players on a single Xbox, or go online via Xbox Live to play with up to fifteen other people..

There are five game modes; Deathmatch, which is your standard free for all, kill everyone; Capture The Flag, in which two teams fight to capture their enemies flag, then return it to theirs to score; Bombing Run, which is somewhat like soccer, where two teams have to take a ball and shoot it through a ring to score; Domination, where you must capture and hold three separate control points for a set time to score; and Survival, which is a last man standing kind of game, where the last person alive wins..

Weapons include the pulse rifle, rocket launcher, telefragger, and lightning gun, which can zap and hurt multiple enemies with one chain attack.

On Live, you can talk trash or compliment others, download additional content, join an online clan, and view an interactive, constantly updating scoreboard.

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