Van Helsing


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En los lugares más recónditos de la misteriosa tierra de Transilvania, existen monstruos salidos de las peores pesadillas de la mente humana. El destino y la maldición de un mismo hombre consisten en derrotar al mal y destruir al mortífero y poderoso Conde Drácula.

Desciende hasta las tenebrosas profundidades de los Montes Cárpatos en la piel de Van Helsing, el legendario cazador de monstruos, y enfréntate con endemoniadas criaturas, armado con una increíble selección de armas, habilidades sin igual y un valor incomparable.

El mal también tiene a quién temer: Van Helsing.


Van Helsing is clearly a movie that was made with a video-game version in mind. Considering the film is an almost non-stop barrage of action sequence after action sequence it translates very well to video-game form--even if it doesn't necessarily make for a classic movie.

The game is very similar to action adventures such as Devil May Cry and Castlevania. Indeed the movie itself seems to borrow deeply from the latter, with its mix of vampires, werewolves and just about everything else that goes bump in the night--not to mention a heady mix of gas-powered weapons and props. The game is more accessible than Konami's classic though and features 14 levels of undemanding but fun entertainment with your various weapons and the Batman-like grappling hook offering plenty of variety even when the bad guys start to get a little samey.

In fact the only real disappointment with the game, if you assume it was always going to be a fairly simplistic action title, is the graphics; although far from substandard, they certainly don't live up to the incredible effects actually seen in the movie. The voice cast, including Hugh Jackman, all provide their talents for the soundtrack though, which does help considerably. If you liked the movie then this game can be recommended fairly easily but if you didn't, or you've never seen it, there is still much worse you can buy for the same money. But then again there's also a lot better.