Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding


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Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding es el primer juego de snowboarding que se centra en el descenso estilo libre de montañas auténticas. Deslízate por encima de objetos diversos y haz piruetas en la gran variedad de saltos y rieles disponibles, para disfrutar de un descenso distinto en cada ocasión. Arriésgate con las acrobacias más descabelladas enfrente de los patrocinadores y cámaras que deambulan por las pistas para que tu cara salga en portadas de revistas y vídeos. Tu meta: Lograr la atención pública internacional suficiente para convertirte en una de las superestrellas mundiales del snowboarding en los medios de comunicación.

Descenso estilo libre en espacios abiertos. Olvídate de los kilómetros y kilómetros de páramos áridos y competiciones en túneles estrechos. Haz acrobacias en una gran variedad de saltos y rieles en las amplias pistas de montaña.


Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, Tenku: Freestyle Snowboarding (天空 -Tenku- Freestyle Snowboarding Tenkū -Tenku- Furīsutairu Sunōbōdingu) in Japan, is an Xbox exclusive snowboarding video game. It is the first of the Amped video game series. Released during the Xbox's launch, Amped is a snowboarding game focused on the tricks, instead of the racing style of play given by Electronic Art's SSX which launched with the Sony PlayStation 2 in the previous year. The success of Amped was solidified by the successful launch of the sequels Amped 2 and Amped 3.

Utilizing the Xbox's built-in hard drive, Amped allowed for entire mountains to be loaded simultaneously, permitting completely free-style runs modelled on real resorts, rather than the linear courses of other snowboarding titles.

The game also contains snowmen which players must strike down in order to advance their Career Mode characters' exploration options.

The Xbox's built-in hard drive also allows users to create a custom soundtrack using their own music, as well as listening to the 150-plus tracks already offered in the game. Users can also listen to music by genre, blocking out music they do not enjoy. There is also a button on the Xbox controller that allows users to skip past songs they don't like.

Before its release, the game was met with derision from some due to Microsoft's marketing department Photoshopping lens flares onto what were supposedly actual game screenshots. Microsoft claimed they were unintentionally passed off as screenshots of the actual game.

The game is also well known for helping to launch the career of pop punk band Yellowcard due to the in-game soundtrack consisting of the complete One for the Kids album on it. The video game also contains three songs from band Ink & Dagger's album The Fine Art of Original Sin. In 2005, former drummer Ryan McLaughlin sued Microsoft, claiming that they were used without the band's knowledge. The suit was settled out of court in 2006.

As well, the game's instruction manual is written in a magazine-like format.