Prince of Persia: Las Arenas del Tiempo


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Prince of Persia es un juego de acción frenética y habilidad acrobática que sumerge al jugador en un exótico universo oriental donde la fuerza y el poder de dominar el tiempo se unen para acabar con el mal desatado por la "Maldición de las Arenas".

Prince of Persia: Las Arenas del Tiempo (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) es una profunda historia con 7 capítulos y muchas horas de juego en un detallado universo oriental, repleto de los detalles qu te hacen soñar con Las Mil y Una Noches.

En mitad de las ardientes arenas de la antigua Persia circula una leyenda en una antigua lengua. Habla sobre una época transmitida por la sangre y gobernada por el engaño. Una daga mágica atrajo a un joven príncipe que se la llevó para liberar un mortífero mal en un hermoso reino. Ayudado por los engaños de una seductora princesa y por los absolutos poderes de las Arenas del Tiempo, el príncipe empieza una angustiosa búsqueda para reclamar el Palacio de los Malditos y restaurar la paz en sus tierras.


Amidst the scorched sands of ancient Persia, there is a legend spun in an ancient tongue. It speaks of a time borne by blood and ruled by deceit.

It is within this war torn land that a young Prince discovers a magic dagger. Drawn to its dark powers, he is led to unleash a deadly evil upon the reaches of his father’s vast kingdom.

Aided by the wiles of a seductive princess and the absolute powers of the Sands of Time, the Prince stages a harrowing quest to reclaim the Palace’s cursed chambers, and restore peace to the very fabric of Time itself. He must tread these dangers carefully, however. Because in this world, there is only one rule: master the Sands, or be buried.

The original Prince of Persia game was a 2D platform game that introduced us to the baggy-trousered Prince and set the platform genre aflame. It spawned many sequels and its influence can be seen in subsequent "run, jump, climb and fight" games including the seminal Tomb Raider series. Now the Prince storms the modern gaming world as the Sands of Time are unleashed upon ancient Persia.


Unwittingly releasing the titular Sands with his prized Dagger of Time, the people of Persia are transformed into murderous, zombie-like sand creatures that cannot be slain by sword or bow. Explore the besieged and crumbling palace by hanging, jumping, running along walls, balancing across beams and swinging around flagpoles. Your acrobatic prowess will amaze and astound you.

You (as the Prince) will soon discover that the Dagger is the key to defeating the creatures and reclaiming the spilt Sands. Fluid, 360 degree combat allows for some breathtaking moves and staking the creatures allows you access to the powers of the recovered Sand. The powers in question are over time itself, allowing you to glimpse the future, slow down the world around you, freeze opponents and even turn back time should you mis-time a jump or be fatally wounded by a blow. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a story you will never forget.


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