NBA Inside Drive 2004


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La estrella de la NBA, Shaquille O’Neal, nos honra con su presencia en la cubierta de NBA Inside Drive 2004, el exclusivo juego de baloncesto para Xbox de Microsoft Game Studios y uno de los juegos protagonistas de XSN Sports™. NBA Inside Drive, con su dinámico estilo de juego y unos jugadores reproducidos con una fidelidad al nivel de tatuajes y trenzas, lleva el juego a la Red con la ayuda de Xbox Live.

Con una revolucionaria tecnología exclusiva para XSN Sports, los jugadores de baloncesto y demás fanáticos del deporte pueden organizar sus equipos y sus ligas desde una página web centralizada,, que a su vez obtiene la información a través Xbox Live. Con más fintas y movimientos para dejar una estela de tobillos rotos a lo largo y ancho de la pista y una nueva técnica defensiva que hará que hasta los equipos más potentes vayan a refugiarse bajo el regazo de sus mamás. Gracias a los ritmos de hip-hop más calientes, el juego en línea y sus innovadores comentarios, NBA Inside Drive 2004 se marca un triple y te ofrece la mejor competición en la pista y en la Red.

El paraíso del aro

El chico grande es el que manda

Estilo NBA


The 2003 edition of NBA Inside Drive got quite a slagging from me on ITM, as it seemed like a rush job – poor graphics, sound, and gameplay all added up to fairly ordinary game edition. Microsoft has now re-invented themselves in the world of sports games, and the 2004 edition is a quality addition to the ever-improving XSN Sports series.

Graphics have been well improved this year, and although it doesn’t have quite the polished look of the NBA Live chain, it does show-off some flare and ultimately does the job. The crowd, which was particularly atrocious last year, is finally full of 3D characters and extends itself from almost every sports game out there. Even though not quite as good as its cousin, NHL Rivals 2004, it is still one of the best crowds in sports games today. Numbers increase when your teams are popular, and vice versa, and the characters even wear coloured clothes or jerseys that support your team.

With your choice of Single Game, Season, Playoffs, or Practise – you can be straight into the game, playing up to 4 players, or against the world online with Xbox Live. The computer’s AI is truly excellent within the game, and you really feel as if you’re playing more than just a code. Due to the revamped AI, you get some seriously hard competition – and it can even become painfully hard at the Veteran level. Thankfully there is more to difficulty than just easy/medium/hard; so you can manually configure things like shooting accuracy and blocking ability, for both the computer and yourself, on a very wide scale.

Besides the normal player switch, shoot, and pass buttons, there is also a nifty feature on the right thumbstick now – each direction adds jukes, spins, and ball skills to your player with a quick tap. Once you get your twists and turns down pat, you can increase your scoring, and now go on streaks. Once you get a few shots in a row, the next one is easier, and of course the downside is going on a ‘cold’ streak – which can only be broken by timeouts, to cool the other side down, or a string of successful plays on your side. As you play the game, you realise all these little extras that have been thrown in – your players’ even dive out of the court to try and save the ball from going out!

A lot of effort has been put into this game and it seems like a completely different game to last year’s version, now rivalling the big-guns like NBA Live. Lots of multiplayer fun, online capabilities, and quality gameplay all make this a solid release and well worth a long look.