Project Gotham Racing


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Project Gotham Racing incluye 25 de los deportivos mas potentes de la actualidad para experimentar la sensacion de conducir a toda velocidad por las metropolis mas conocidas del mundo.


Project Gotham Racing is the future generation racing game where fun and reward come from focusing equally on speed, flair and risk-taking. Project Gotham Racing is circuit-based racing in photo-realistic downtown environments. Players can race against up to three friends at a time through realistic time-of-day and weather conditions. Players can choose from 20 different cars and compete on more than 300 city-based circuits. With 100+ individual and wheel-to-wheel racing challenges and a separate arcade mode, gamers can expect hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Kudos reward system - players are rewarded by a ratings system scoring their style, dexterity and ultimate success. Kudos is a measure of the recognition players personally receive for the skill, flair and daring they drive with, and for the accomplishments achieved throughout the game.