Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball


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¿Una fantasía en una isla de los mares del sur? ¡Imagínate estar en un paraíso durante dos semanas completas únicamente en compañía de las estupendas chicas de Dead or Alive! Pero, esta vez, en vez de luchar, participarás en una emocionante actividad en la que se probará tu capacidad de reacción: voleibol playa. En "Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball", jugarás en el papel de una de las siete chicas de Dead or Alive junto con un nuevo personaje y disfrutarás de unas formidables vacaciones en varios parajes de la isla jugando a voleibol playa.


Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball takes all the female fighters from Dead Or Alive 3, sends them to a tropical island named Zack Island, and pits them in volleyball matches.

At the outset, you choose from one of eight characters, all female. When you first play the game, the new character, Lisa, introduces you to a few aspects, and joins you for your first volleyball match. All matches are two-on-two, with the first team to seven being the winner.

Each day is comprised of four sections; morning, day, evening, and nighttime. There are several different areas you can visit; separate beaches and jungles to challenge different teams, an accessory shop, where you can buy accessories such as sunglasses, a sporting shop where you can buy new bikini's, a store called "Zack of all Trades" where you can buy miscellaneous items, such as a gun, lipstick, lotion, etc., a radio station, where you can select what soundtracks to listen to, or listen to your own, and the hotel, where each day ends.

Once nighttime comes around, you can visit the casino. Once there, you can play one of four games; Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, or Slots. Playing games can earn you money, but can also strip you of money.

There is a large variety of items to collect, and some items you must buy to entice someone to join your team. If a character's favorite color is black and her hobbies include cars, then you would buy them a black steering wall to pursuade them to join you.

Volleyball matches earn you money (if you win) and consist of three basic moves; serve, spike, receive. If you lose too many games, you're partner may ditch you. Win enough and her loyalty will increase.

XBV includes a multiplayer feature that lets you play against a friend.

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